Framboise Pi est arrivée

I have been waiting for this event for more than a year now. The day when I would finally get my hands on a Raspberry Pi. Today it finally happened. It has been a roller-coaster ride with the initial release expected in December 2011 and launch delayed, finally announced and then over subscribed, it has been an eventful 12 months.

Today all of the waiting came to an end as the board finally arrived.

Raspberry Pi on desk

After waiting for 12 months, waiting for the end of a working day to play with the device was probably the most difficult. But at the end of the day it was time to hook up the device and power it up.

Raspberry Pi connected to hub and power,

And connected to a monitor:

Raspberrry Pi hooked up to Monitor

So now I know the device is working it is time to find time to play but that will have to wait as other projects are demanding my attention. In some way this is a shame as I really believe in what this project stands for but the delays and hype have dulled the edge.

Back in the bag for another day.


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