Currently managing a team of data migration specialists working in the healthcare sector. Although working as a data migration team lead I’m really a Software Engineer at heart. I have been working in the IT business for more years that I care to admit but the greying hair is starting to give the game away.

I was introduced to computers whilst still at school and the first machine I used was the Northstar Hoizon, I never looked back.

As a Software Engineer, I have developed software in over 20 languages with most recent experience in C, C#, Visual Basic and SQL. I also have experience in a wide variety of technologies from the very small (microcontrollers) to the very large (NCR mainframes).

Currently living in the North of England and trying to get to grips with the needs of work and the garden. Despite appearances, I am a reluctant gardener and just move the mud around as instructed by Karen.

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