PicoDebugger – Bringing Picoprobe and the PicoW Together

Assembled PicoDebugger

If you have been following along with the recent posts here you will be aware that I am currently doing a lot of work with the Raspberry Pi Pico and NuttX. The current work has been all about setting the stage for a project that will eventually connect the PicoW to some external hardware. Working in a small space it is important to try and keep hardware under control. Hardware debug environments can be messy with debug probes, the main development board plus additional connected hardware.

The PicoDebugger aims to bring two of these components together in a single piece of hardware, namely

  • Debug probe
  • Target development board

The PicoDebugger aims to provide the following features:

  • Mount a Pico to act as a Picoprobe
  • Mount a target Pico
  • Optionally connect UART from the target to the Picoprobe
  • Reset the target board to allow programming by dragging a UF2 file to the target board
  • Deployment and debugging using SWD
  • Connection to external project hardware

Full schematics, PCB layout and a 3D printable mount for the PicoDebugger are all available in the PicoDebugger Github repository.

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