Nikon D70 Remote Control PCB Layout

Today, the Nikon D70 Remote control has passed another milestone in it’s evolution. The schematic has been polished and revision A of the PCB designed ready to send to manufacture.

Schematic Changes

The main changes to the schematic are as follows:

  • Addition of connection points for power (Bench power supply, Coin Cell, 2xAA battery)
  • Power LED to indicate if the board is powered or not
  • Added a new part for the SOT353 single AND gate component
  • Grounded unused pins

And here is the final version of the revision A schematic:

Nikon D70 Remote Schematic (Rev A)

Nikon D70 Remote Schematic (Rev A)

The main reason for this taking a while to complete is that I have had to create new components for the single AND gate. I have also take the time to tidy up my parts library in Designspark, something which is overdue.

PCB Layout

The number of components is small and so I will be using the iTead Studio 5cm x 5cm PCB production service. At the time of writing this is coming in at $9.99 for 10 boards. And here is the board:

Nikon D70 Remote Board Layout

Nikon D70 Remote Board Layout

And in 3D:

Nikon D70 Remote 3D Impression

Nikon D70 Remote 3D Impression

Bill of Materials

For this board I am intending to use two suppliers:

Bitsbox are a fantastic small business and are fantastic value for discrete parts but I have elected to use some surface mount components and for these I will have to use RS Components. The bill of materials (excluding the board) is:

Part Value Size Quantity Supplier Part Number Unit Price Board Price
STM8S TSSOP20 1 RS Components 724-9895 £0.91 £0.91
C1 1uF 1206 1 RS Components 264-4179 £0.05 £0.05
C2 100nF 1206 1 RS Components 766-1126 £0.01 £0.01
Header 4 x 1 1 Bitsbox CN202 £0.06 £0.06
Header 6 x 1 – Male 1 Bitsbox CN203 £0.21 £0.21
Header 6 x 1 – Female 1 Bitsbox CN259 £0.25 £0.25
R1 10K 1206 1 RS Components 223-2394 £0.02 £0.02
R2 1K 0805 1 RS Components 223-0427 £0.01 £0.01
R3 2K2 0805 1 RS Components 721-8508 £0.08 £0.08
R4 100 0402 1 RS Components 667-8602 £0.01 £0.01
LED 1 RS Components 654-5767 £0.05 £0.05
2N7002 SOT23 1 RS Components 780-0478 £0.02 £0.02
Single AND Gate SOT353 1 RS Components 751-2806 £0.04 £0.04
Power Switch 1 Bitsbox SW109 £0.88 £0.88
Reset Switch 1 Bitsbox SW08 £0.38 £0.38
IR LED 1 Bitsbox TOP022 £0.20 £0.20
Total £3.18


Now we sit back and wait for two weeks whilst the boards are manufactured.

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