30 Years Old Today

Not me, now that would take some imagination 🙂  The ZX81, probably the first cheap usable home computer.

This had me thinking about how times have moved on looking at my hobbies then and now.  At the time I had an amateur interest in electonics.  This lasted about 4 years and then lapsed as I could not find the money to support the hobby and go through university at the same time.  30 years on and I now find myself playing with hardware once again.

Looking back to 1981 we had the ZX81

  1. Z80 based system based on the MK14 computer kit (worked on by Chris Curry)
  2. 64 KBytes RAM
  3. Video output to TV
  4. Programs written in BASIC, stored as byte codes and interpreted

In 2011 I find myself playing with the Netduino

  1. ARM based processor (ARM was born from Acorn Computers which in turn was founded by Chris Curry)
  2. 60 KBytes RAM
  3. No video output
  4. Programmed in C#, stored as byte codes which are interpreted

Progress 🙂

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