Analog Input

The aim of this experiment was to test the analog input.  The simplest way I could think of to do this is to hook up a potentiometer to one of the analog pins and then display the values using the debugger.

First task is to wire up the board.  The final wiring looked like this:

I say final wiring as my initial version looked a little different.  The first version did not have the 3.3V output connected to Aref and as a result I found myself getting very odd results from the analog input pin.

The code to read data from the Netduino looks like the following:

public static void Main()
    AnalogInput analog;

    analog = new AnalogInput(Pins.GPIO_PIN_A1);
    analog.SetRange(0, 1023);
    while (true)

Running the application and turning the potentiometer results in a range of values from 0 to 1023.

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